Doppler Vs Oscillometric

Indirect Blood Pressure Determination in Cats using Doppler Ultrasonic and Oscillometric Methods

“Blood pressure measurements obtained using Doppler ultrasonic flow meter and an oscillometric device in 11 conscious cats were compared.  Systolic blood pressure was not significantly different from each other (p<0.05) within a range from 100 to 150 mmHg (Doppler) rsp. 101 to 154 mmHg (oscillometric device) using cuffs with a width 41.2% rsp 44.3% the limb circumference.  The oscillometric device failed when blood pressure was low, it required more time to obtain readings and measurements were less consistent compared to the Doppler technique.  The Doppler flow meter detected a pulse under all conditions and readings were hardly influenced by movement in contrast to the oscillometric device.”  A Mollenhoff, I Nolte, S Kramer, Univ Leipzig, Fak Vet Med, Klin Kleintiere, Tierkliniken 23, D-04103 Leipzig, Germany. Tierarzliche Praxis Ausgabe Kleintiere Heimtiere, 2001, Vol 29, Iss 3 pp 191-197: